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  • Year: July 2019
  • Market: Port development
  • Vessel: MC-class

3 STSC cranes to Honolulu

BigLift Baffin moved three enormous STSC cranes from Oita, Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii for our client MES.

In Oita, the cranes were rolled on board over the side of BigLift Baffin. Each crane weighed 1,431 mt and was 70 metres high. Their footprint was just over 30 metres, which meant that the rear of the cranes reached over the port side of the vessel by more than 32 metres and the loading arm over starboard by 48 metres.

The voyage over the Pacific Ocean took 17 days and the cranes were safely discharged in the port of Honolulu, again by Ro-Ro over the side of BigLift Baffin.

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