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  • Year: December 2014
  • Market: Port development
  • Vessel: Happy D-type

BTC Crane and Offshore jib crane

In one voyage (mid-September - beginning of December 2014), BigLift's Happy Dynamic has successfully transported an Offshore jib crane from Penglai to Porto de Acu and a BTC crane from Mokpo to Salvador.

Other projects in Port development

CY Interocean I moves 3 STS cranes

BigLift Shipping transports two Siwertell CSU’s

Oversized STS cranes to Savannah

Replacing shiploaders at Carrington Terminal - phase 1

5 STS cranes

Five Kone ARMG cranes

RTGs and STC crane for Mombasa

Jetty extension of the Tempa Rossa refinery at Taranto by Happy Sky

Two shipments of gantry cranes for Sanitation NY

Discharge ship loader

Replacing shiploaders at Carrington terminal - phase 2

Stacker reclaimer and tripper car

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