The Happy R-type is a versatile heavy lift carrier. Equipped with strong, 400 mt SWL Huisman cranes they can handle units up to 800 mt in a tandem lift.

A large, unobstructed hold allows long units to be stowed under deck. The lower hold and tweendeck height can be adjusted in 50 cm steps, from 3.45 mtrs to 8.90 mtrs. Without the tweendeck fitted, units with an overall height of 11.70 mtrs can be stowed under deck. Tweendeck and upper deck strength can be increased by positioning pillars underneath the hatches. This allows large, concentrated loads to be placed on deck.

In addition, the Happy R-type ships are approved to sail with partly opened hatches to allow very high units to be stowed on the tank top and protruding through the main deck. Due to the hatch cover arrangements with folding hatches the Happy R-Class ships can also be used for bulk cargoes and other general commodities.

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