The foundation of our operations

As most heavy lift cargoes are unique, they require very careful planning and coordination down to the smallest detail. Detailed information on the cargo and of the loading and discharging locations are studied in the preparation phase, often even before a contract is actually booked.

Our transportation solutions are designed in-house by our team of highly skilled project managers, cargo superintendents, CAD draftsmen and engineering specialists. Our solutions ensure safe transportation that meets client requirements and marine warranty surveyor standards. Plans for stowage, lifting, load spreading and sea fastening are all prepared with our 2D and 3D CAD systems, whereas our engineering capabilities include the design of cargo-specific grillage systems, seafastening solutions and lifting devices. If required, our engineering team performs detailed motion studies and structural assessments. Complicated lifting operations can also be simulated in a step by step approach to prove their feasibility.  

BigLift project managers and engineers are involved in the projects from the conceptual design and planning stages right through until the execution and completion of a project - for instance in the development of an offshore oilfield - in close cooperation with clients all over the world.