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  • Year: November 2014
  • Market: Port development
  • Vessel: Happy R-type

RMGs and RTGs for Global Container Terminals New York LP

BigLift recently shipped two Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes (RMGs) and two Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (RTGs) from Gdynia to New York, and installed the port equipment on the Global Container Terminals New York LP at Staten Island.
For well over 40 years, BigLift Shipping vessels have been seen in ports all over the world. Sometimes, they even help build them, bringing in or moving container cranes and straddle carriers in all sizes as well as a wide range of harbour cranes. Almost all cargo is handled by the BigLift vessels themselves.

Despite our ample experience in the transportation of port equipment, handling these RMGs and RTGs were a challenge because of their size and height. They were 54 m wide, 32.9 m high and weighed 458 mt.

The challenges were found mainly in loading, seafastening and skidding the RMGs. Happy Rover, one of BigLift’s 15 heavy lift vessels, carried out the project. With her own heavy lift cranes lifting in tandem she loaded the RMGs and placed them in rails on deck. One RMG was then driven to the front and the other to the back of the vessel by their own electric motors. Since the RMGs were very high, their booms cleared Happy Rover’s ship cranes by a little margin. The movement left sufficient space to take two RTGs on board as well for the same customer.

The shipped RMGs are a new type RMG on special order from Global Container Terminals New York LP. They will be used in New York to tranship containers with garbage onto push barges.

The whole project was carried out in close cooperation of BigLift’s engineers and project managers with client Konecranes’ specialists. They worked together from the design phase to the ultimate load and unload operations, which had been visualised completely beforehand by way of simulation models.

As mentioned, in the same shipment two RTGs were transported for the same terminal in New York. They were also loaded by Happy Rover’s own cranes. Because of the limited space left to work and to swing the ship’s cranes in as well as the reduced stability of the ship, these loading operations; again, saw plenty of challenges, which were all tackled before the actual operations.

In New York, the two RMGs were discharged straight onto their rails. They are being installed by Konecranes as this piece goes to press. The two RTGs drove to the marshalling yard on their own power. In the near future, early 2015, the terminal will be able to start using the equipment.

BigLift Shipping can proudly look back on another shipment for Konecranes, which again showed the value of close contact between both parties, resulting in a client-oriented solution for shipment and installation.

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