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BigLift has been supporting the mining industry since we were established in 1973. There are few mines in existence, particularly in the southern hemisphere, where BigLift hasn’t played a role over the decades. BHP, Rio Tinto, Bechtel, Sandvik and McConnell Dowell are just a few of the customers we have served.

We are specialists in the lifting and positioning of shuttle truss sections, transfer stations, reclaimers and ship loaders/unloaders and we have carried out some truly spectacular projects in time. For example, transporting a giant continuous ship unloader on behalf of IUK for the Port of Onahama in Japan. Performed in a single shipment, the 1542 mt continuous ship unloader was successfully delivered safely on schedule. In another example, we handled two 1700 mt grab ship unloader in Kaoshiung for the same client and removed the existing ones. As well as our capacity to handle the heaviest single shipments, we are also used to carrying out contracts involving multiple shipments for huge projects such as Cape Lambert in Australia, where we performed 10 shipments of various components including wharf decks, dolphins, ship unloaders, stackers and reclaimers.

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Projects in Mining

Coal shiploader

Constructions for Milne Inlet

Iron ore shiploader and tripper car

Cape Lambert Port B Project

Iron ore expansion

Two shiploaders to Sept Iles

Wharfdecks to Cape Lambert

Heaviest continuous ship unloader ever shipped by Happy Star