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  • Year: February 2017
  • Market: Port development
  • Vessel: Happy D-type

Replacing shiploaders at Carrington terminal - phase 2

BigLift Shipping has continued its specialist mining industry role in Australia by completing delivery and removal of its 34th shiploader/ship-unloader/reclaimer mid 2017.

The latest of these moves was for client Sandvik Mining and Construction (Australia) when BigLift delivered two new shiploaders, and removed three existing ones at Port Waratah Coal Services’ (PWCS) Carrington Terminal in Newcastle, Australia.

First stage

The shipping contract was signed in June 2015 and the first stage of the project was completed in July 2016. This involved the delivery of two new shiploaders, and the removal of an existing one.Click here to learn more about  the project.

Rounding off

The second stage of the contract was the removal of these shiploaders which was conducted in February 2017 and performed by Happy Delta, as at 418 mt the shiploaders were well within the ship’s capacity. The existing shiploaders were loaded onto Happy Delta in four separate pieces each. To ensure no damage was done to the coal delivery conveyor gantries during the lifting process, BigLift used its unique Synchoist system (see insert) This system enables the lifting slings to be lengthened or reduced in length during the lifting process so that the shiploaders could be lifted in a level positon, so they were free of the nearby gantries. The terminal was immediately able to re-commence loading coal with only minimum downtime.


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Replacing shiploaders at Carrington terminal - phase 2

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