1973     Mammoet Shipping is founded, as the “sea leg” of Mammoet Transport.  
1984     Mammoet establishes a pool of heavy lift partners, with members comprising Mammoet, Project Carriers and Sloman Neptun. Mammoet Shipping operates a fleet of 16 vessels.  
      “Happy Buccaneer” comes into service: lifting capacity 2 x 550 mt and for 20 years recognised as the most powerful heavy lift vessel in the world.  
1987     Mitsui O.S.K. Lines joins the Mammoet Heavy Lift Partners (MHLP) pool.  
1988     Mammoet Shipping, a 50/50 joint venture between Mammoet Transport and Hansa Linie.  
1995     Mammoet Shipping, now a 70/30 joint venture between Spliethoff and Mammoet Transport.  
1998     “Happy R-type” vessels in service.  
1999     West African Shipping joins the MHLP pool with the 4 “Tra-type” vessels.  
2000     Nedlloyd, parent of Mammoet Transport, sells the whole of Mammoet to Van Seumeren. Mammoet Shipping becomes full subsidiary of Spliethoff and changes name to BigLift Shipping B.V. per 1 january 2001  
2001     Cosco Shipping Ltd joins BigLift Shipping Partners pool.  
2006     Happy Buccaneer cranes upgraded from 550 to 700 mt SWL at a 28 m outreach.  
2011     “Happy D-type” vessels in service.  
2012     Super fly jib in use.  
2013     Joint venture with RollDock - BigRoll Shipping - announced  
      "Happy Sky" comes into service  
2014     "Happy Star" comes into service  
2018     "BigLift Barentsz" and "BigLift Baffin" are added to the fleet  



The history of BigLift The history of BigLift