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Happy D-Type

Happy Delta, Happy Diamond, Happy Dover, Happy Dragon, Happy Dynamic

The Happy D-type ships are flexible, heavy lift vessels equipped with two NMF cranes with a SWL of 400 mt and one NMF crane with a SWL of 120 mt.

A high crane pedestal and long crane jib facilitate large lifting heights, which are available at all outreaches. The beam of the vessel also ensures that the cranes can be used to their full capacity without the need for a stability pontoon.
The ships have a deadweight of 17,250 mt and a speed of 16 kn. Their upper deck and tweendecks combine folding hatch covers and rolling covers, which can be positioned at two levels, providing a medium and high lower hold and low and medium tweendeck.

The Happy D-type is equipped with two holds of 5,032 m3 and 15,860 m3. Furthermore, the Happy D ships are certified to sail with open upper deck hatches, making it possible to stow high objects in the lower hold protruding above the main deck. This gives additional protection for sensitive cargoes.

An automated anti heeling system additionally ensures a very efficient operation for lower weight cargoes. With Finnish Ice Class 1A notation, these ships are extremely versatile transportation tools.

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