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  • Year: 2011
  • Market: Port development
  • Vessel: Happy Buccaneer
  • Cargo: Heavy Lift Mast crane (HLMC)

Huisman's newbuilding HLMC

Transportation Huisman's newbuilding heavy lift mast crane (HLMC)

The Happy Buccaneer sailed to Zhangzhou (Xiamen), China to load the newbuilding heavy lift mast crane (HLMC) for the Offshore installation vessel Borealis. The HLMC, with a capacity of 5000mton, was constructed in four parts in the Huisman Equipment facility at Zhangzhou and brought alongside the Happy Buccaneer on trailers.

The top mast (680mton) was loaded with the two ship cranes in the lowerhold. The Slewing-section (1100mton) was positioned on the upperdeck with two cranes, skidded aft to the total aft end of the deck, to make space for the Jib (990mton) and the Mast-Base (1163mton). The jib had a total length of approx. 97 meter. The loading operation contained two stages. In the first stage Jib was slewed over deck using 1 crane at one end and trailers at the other end. In stage two the jib was further lifted over deck to the portside of the ship using both cranes in tandem.

After a successful loading operation, the Happy Buccaneer set sail to Singapore, Sembawang shipyard, where the Asian Hercules II performed the installation on the hull of the Borealis. To upright the mast, the Happy Buccaneer assisted at the tailing lugs.

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