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  • Year: September 2021
  • Market: Emergency response assistance
  • Vessel: P-type

Crane jib mv Sevilla

Container feeder mv Sevillia’s crane 1 jib tore from its crane housing and was left dangling over the side of the ship on its wires, with the end sticking in the water just above the seabed, and the hook even stuck in the seabed.

Since mv Pietersgracht was only 170 nm away from San Lorenzo, Honduras, BigLift was contracted to recover the Jib, crane hook and wires.

Salvage operations commenced when mv Pietersgracht came ‘’alongside’’ mv Sevillia, keeping some 20 metres distance and mooring with one anchor to starboard and one long head line port side to the quay. The operation started with hooking on the crane block, which lay on the seabed, and local divers cutting the hoisting wires underwater.

Once these wires were cut, mv Pietersgracht lifted the hook from the water and landed it on its passageway. Then the jib could be hooked on with cranes 2 and 3, so that the jib’s luffing wires could be cut to take the tension off. Finally, the jib was lifted and moved away from mv Sevillia. Rounding it off, mv Pietersgracht safely discharged the jib, the hook and the wires onto the quay.

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Crane jib mv Sevilla

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