With her two Huisman built 900 mt heavy lift mast cranes Happy Sky is one of the flagships of the BigLift fleet. In a response to market demands, the crane pedestals are now 4 m higher than in the original plans, giving the vessel a lifting height unmatched in the world fleet of heavy lift vessels. Happy Sky is 155 m long and has 18.680 dwt. The vessel’s length and the forward position of her superstructure offer a single, large cargo hold and a wide, open deck area. She has folding hatch covers, a large poop deck and cargo rails which make the vessel’s full deck area available for cargo stowage. Happy Sky’s tween deck is adjustable in height and she is allowed to sail with open weather deck hatches at a draught of up to 7.5 metres. Furthermore, she has Finnish/Swedish 1A Ice Class notation. During sea trials Happy Sky achieved a service speed of 17 kn.

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