Subsea 7 winch

September 13th 2013 – BigLift Shipping’s Happy Dynamic was recently contracted by Subsea 7's London office for Africa, Gulf of Mexico & the Mediterranean to ship a subsea winch and its associated equipment from Rio de Janeiro to Sonils base in Luanda, Angola.

After agreement on the contract it took only a month to its execution. Happy Dynamic completed its earlier shipment in Angra Dos Reis and shifted across the bay to Rio de Janeiro. In the loading and discharging operations Biglift and the local Subsea 7 teams worked close together. Berthing the vessel and the barges and performing the cargo operations took place in quick succession and although port operations had expected to take at least 2 days, Happy Dynamic and her cargo were in port for only about 30% of this time.

Despite the small window to work in, BigLift were delighted with the contract to reposition some of Subsea 7's equipment.

Subsea 7 winch Subsea 7 winch Subsea 7 winch Subsea 7 winch Subsea 7 winch



MarketOffshore supply and support

VesselHappy D-type

OtherHappy Dynamic