Enerpac Jack-up platform

In February – March 2018 mv Happy Rover carried a Jack-up platform from Rotterdam to Reunion Island for our client Enerpac. The Jack-up consists of a platform of 515 mt and 4 telescopic legs of 72 mt each. The legs were dismantled from the platform and stowed separately to be installed again upon unloading in Reunion.

Within limits
The platform itself has a length of 53.4 m and is 28.6 m wide, which made it a challenging lift for our Happy Rover. This was a typical lift were we stay just within the limits of the crane capacity, counter ballast (both PS and SB) and stability. Besides this, there was only limited space on each side of the platform when it was turned between the cranes. Thanks to one of our CAD engineers which came up with the brilliant idea to rig both cranes slightly off-centre, we managed to give our self a bit more room to play with.

Bunker planning
In addition to the technical part, we had to keep a steady eye on the bunker planning as the vessel had a long voyage ahead of her; she would be sailing from Rotterdam to Reunion via Cape of Good Hope and afterwards to Australia.

Best solution
This was a contract where all the disciplines of our project department and vessel management threw their technical insight on the table in order to arrive at the best solution.

Offshore highway
This Jack-up platform was designed by our client Enerpac and will be used to submerge large concrete skirts from the quay level to a designated water depth. Once submerged, a specially designed barge will then float over and lift off the concrete skirts to position them on the foundations of a new offshore highway ‘Route du Littoral’ which is currently under construction in Reunion.


Enerpac Jack-up platform Enerpac Jack-up platform Enerpac Jack-up platform Enerpac Jack-up platform Enerpac Jack-up platform



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