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Maiden voyage Happy Star

Last week Happy Star has loaded her first cargo in Nantong – two large modules for an iron ore wharf in Port Hedland.

The first module, 33 metres long and 25 metres wide, weighed 711 mt, including the rigging. This module was placed on the forward end of the main deck. Contrary to the first module, the second and much larger one was much more awkwardly shaped. At 60 metres long and 37 metres wide at its widest point, getting the piece on board was a challenge. In order to manoeuvre the module through the cranes, stairs and other protruding parts were removed from the base of the ship’s cranes before the lifting operating. In the end, there was only half a metre to spare on both sides of the module while being lifted on board. The total weight moved during this operation was 1.560 mt, making it a very suitable cargo for the maiden voyage of Happy Star with her two 900 mt Heavy Lift Mast cranes. 

We look back on a very smooth first loading operation and wish Happy Star a good voyage to Port Hedland and onwards. 

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