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Emergency Response Assistance

Throughout our existence as Heavy Lift operators, we have been able to assist the Salvage Industry on many occasions by helping out with our vessels in various projects around the world. We have successfully performed offshore cargo lightering operations, wreck removal and other emergency lifting operations. This gave us a wealth of experience and an extensive network in the Salvage Industry.

Our group fleet is composed of various types of Heavy Lift and Multipurpose Vessels. Soon, 2 DP2 Heavy Lift vessels – the Spliethoff B type vessels – will be added, so that we are able to extend our Emergency Response assistance.

Our vessels are shallow draft and have side mounted cranes with high capacities and outreach, which makes them highly suitable for all kinds of Emergency Response related work. This fleet, together with our engineers and Cargo superintendents, with their experience and inventive thinking, make sure that the required solution is found and performed.

With our global presence, our large fleet and our flexibility we are up for the challenge in any place at any time.

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Projects in Emergency Response Assistance

Crane jib mv Sevilla

Salvage Shipunloader Vila do Conde